Public Safety and Sour Gas


Public Safety and Sour Gas

Natural gas is a vital part of Alberta’s thriving economy. Since approximately one-third of all the natural gas produced in Alberta is sour gas, ensuring that this valuable resource is produced safely is very important.

The AER develops and implements stringent regulations on sour gas and is committed to reviewing and improving sour gas regulations continuously. The AER has become a recognized leader both in Canada and throughout the world in the development and implementation of sour gas regulations. Within Canada, the AER is an acting member of the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA). Beyond Canada’s borders, the AER is a partner with the World Bank in the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership

Public Safety and Sour Gas Committee

A multistakeholder committee, called the Public Safety and Sour Gas (PSSG) Committee, was formed in 2000 to evaluate existing sour gas policies, standards, and regulations in the province. In December of 2000, the committee released its final report, entitled Findings and Recommendations – Final Report, which included 87 detailed recommendations.

The recommendations are generally directed towards increasing awareness of sour gas and its impacts on public health and safety, improving the sour gas regulatory system, and encouraging better consultation with the public on all sour gas matters. The report was revised and reissued in March of 2007.

  • Provincial Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Sour Gas Findings and RecommendationsFinal ReportAppendices (December 2000) 
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board’s (EUB’s) Public Safety and Sour Gas (PSSG) InitiativeFinal Report (March 2007) 

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