Control Well Requirements


Control Well Requirements

Effective October 31, 2006, data requirements for gas production from coalbed methane (CBM) and shale gas wells must be met, as per the Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations. Any questions pertaining to information presented on this page or linked from this page can be directed to

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For companies preparing to self-disclose any noncompliance regarding control-well obligations, this CBM Excel spreadsheet or the Shale Gas Excel spreadsheet must be used in conjunction with completing the requirements of section 6 of Directive 019: Compliance Assurance.

 CBM and Shale Gas Control Well Information (files updated weekly)

CBM Pressure and Flow Control Wells [Excel]
CBM Desorption Control Wells [Excel]
Shale Gas Desorption Control Wells [Excel]

Note: A change was made to the CBM Pressure and Flow Control Wells table on May 7, 2012. An additional column identifying control wells that have been temporarily suspended was inserted into the table. Any control well that has been identified as suspended cannot be used to provide controlwell coverage for any well commencing new CBM production.

Control-Well Forms

Shale Gas Desorption Control-Well Form (Updated: June 11, 2008)
Shale Gas Pressure and Flow Control-Well Form (Updated: June 11, 2008)
Resources Applications – Schedule 1 (April 29, 2008)


  • Directive 019 Compliance Assurance [Rescinded by Manual 013]
  • Directive 040 Pressure and Deliverability Testing Oil and Gas Wells
  • Directive 044 Requirements for Surveillance, Sampling, and Analysis of Water Production in Hydrocarbon Wells Completed Above the Base of Groundwater Protection
  • Directive 062 Coalbed Methane Control Well Requirements and Related Matters


  • Bulletin 2010-20 Alternative Data Collection Option to Shale Gas Control Well Requirements
  • Bulletin 2011-36 Change to Pressure Testing Requirements for Coalbed Methane Pressure and Flow Control Wells