Bitumen Conservation

Requirements Affecting Gas Production in the Oil Sands Areas

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Athabasca Oil Sands Area
Sunshine, Athabasca, Total, and Paramount Applications for Shut-In or Production of Gas (Applications No. 1613543, 1647807, 1616123, and 1506272) Canadian Natural Resources Limited Pool Delineation Application and Shut-in Request (Application No. 1576629)
  • Decision 2009-024 (Released: February 24, 2009)
    • Interim Shut-In Order 08-002 (Issued: December 3, 2008)
Paramount Experimental Gas Storage Scheme and Review and Variance Applications (Applications No. 1494136 and 1580112)>
Cold Lake Oil Sands Areas
Peace River Oil Sands Areas


Oil Sands Area Orders
AER Shut-In Orders
EUB / ERCB Shut-In Orders