Effective April 28, 2017, Alberta Environment and Parks in collaboration with Alberta Energy Regulator, is improving the application requirements for submitting an application for a public lands disposition. Visit our frequently asked questions for further information.

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Number Name Date
AER Bulletin 2014-39 Change in Business Process Relating to Preapplication Statements of Concern December 15, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-38 Temporary Surface Water Pipelines for the Energy Resource Industry December 05, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-37 Amendments to Directive 079: Surface Development in Proximity to Abandoned Wells November 28, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-36 Changes to the Hydraulic Fracturing Notification Submission Procedure November 26, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-35 Play-Based Regulation Pilot Project Extended December 04, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-34 2014B AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy) November 03, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-33 Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Directive Standards for Seismic Operations in the Little Smoky and A La Peche Caribou Ranges October 23, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-32 Shallow Organic Soil Salvage Requirements at In Situ Oil Sands Processing Plants and Oil Production Sites October 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-31 Changes to the Guidelines for Submission of a Predisturbance Assessment and Conservation and Reclamation Plan October 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-30 Alberta Energy Regulator Takes Over Responsibility for Environmental Assessments September 30, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-29 Access Control Requirements in Public Lands Act Dispositions Held by Alberta Energy Regulator Licensees September 30, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-28 Application Requirements for Activities within the Boundary of a Regional Plan September 19, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-27 A Reminder on the Rules and Procedures for Wells in Buffer Zones of Holdings and Units with Special Spacing and Special Well Spacing Applications September 11, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-26 Release of Manual 008: Oil Sands Exploration and Coal Exploration Application Guide August 20, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-25 Timelines for Processing Public Lands Act Applications July 29, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-24 New E-mail Addresses for Oil Sands Applications (In Situ and Mining) and Coal Mining Applications July 18, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-23 Red Deer Field Centre Address Change July 18, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-22 AER Closure and Liability Organization and Contacts July 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-21 Control Well Requirements for Horseshoe Canyon and Belly River Coalbed Methane Development July 08, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-20 Proration Measurement of Liquids-Rich Gas Wells July 08, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-19 Release of the Inactive Well Compliance Program July 04, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-18 EPAP Reporting Moving to PETRINEX May 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-17 New Requirements for the Capture and Flaring, Incinerating, or Conserving of All Casing Gas and Tank-Top Gas by New and Existing Operations in the Peace River Area May 01, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-16 Regulatory Document Review April 30, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-15 2014 AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy) April 15, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-14 Amendments to Directive 080: Well Logging April 17, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-13 Revisions to Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting Requirements April 15, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-12 Enhanced Monitoring of Pipeline Water Crossings April 10, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-11 Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program Changes – Phase 2 April 10, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-10 New Edition of Directive 065: Resources Applications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs Released April 09, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-09 Contact Information for New Functions Under AER Jurisdiction March 31, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-08 AER Implementation Phase 3 March 11, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-07 Considerations for Awarding Energy Costs Claims and Changes to the AER’s Process for Reviewing Energy Costs Claims March 06, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-06 Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program Management Plan February 28, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-05 Canada’s Emergency Order for the Protection of the Greater Sage-Grouse February 25, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-04 Release of Directive 080: Well Logging February 13, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-03 Regulatory Approach for Shallow Thermal In Situ Oil Sands Applications in the Wabiskaw-McMurray Deposit of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area January 28, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-02 2014 Orphan Fund Levy January 06, 2014
AER Bulletin 2014-01 2013 AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy) January 06, 2014