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Number Name Date
Bulletin 2011-37 Additions to Directive 077: Pipelines-Requirements and Reference Tools December 22, 2011
Bulletin 2011-36 Change to Pressure Testing Requirements for Coalbed Methane Pressure and Flow Control Wells December 21, 2011
Bulletin 2011-35 Surface Casing Vent Requirements for Wells December 20, 2011
Bulletin 2011-34 Revised Effective Date for Revised Edition of Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements December 01, 2011
Bulletin 2011-33 Waste and Storage Section-Mandatory Electronic Submission of Technical Reports, Voluntary Self-Disclosures, Audit Material, Questions and Comments and E-mail Address Changes November 15, 2011
Bulletin 2011-32 Amendments to Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting, the Oil and Gas Conservation Regulation, and the Pipeline Regulation November 03, 2011
Bulletin 2011-31 Collection and Enforcement of Outstanding Oil and Gas Analysis Data October 21, 2011
Bulletin 2011-30 Invitation for Feedback on Directive 055-Addendum 2011-10-11: Interim Requirements for Aboveground Synthetically-Lined Wall Storage Systems, Updates to Liner Requirements, and Optional Diking Requirements for Single-Walled Aboveground Storage Tanks October 11, 2011
Bulletin 2011-29 Changes to the Province-Wide Framework for Well Spacing for Conventional and Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs October 06, 2011
Bulletin 2011-28 Revised Edition of Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements September 27, 2011
Bulletin 2011-27 Revised Edition of Directive 007: Volumetric and Infrastructure Requirements September 20, 2011
Bulletin 2011-26 New Edition of Canadian Standards Association Standard Z662: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems September 09, 2011
Bulletin 2011-25 New Edition of Directive 056 Issued and Information Letter (IL) 2001-5 and Bulletin 2007-35 Rescinded September 01, 2011
Bulletin 2011-24 Volumetric Reporting Submission Errors and Noncompliance Fees Related to Waste Plant Reporting -Shadow Billing Extension August 12, 2011
Bulletin 2011-23 Amendments to the Coal Conservation Act and Regulations, Oil and Gas Conservation Act and Regulations, Oil Sands Conservation Act, and Pipeline Act July 28, 2011
Bulletin 2011-22 Revised Edition of Directive 044: Requirements for Surveillance, Sampling, and Analysis of Water Production in Hydrocarbon Wells Completed Above the Base of Groundwater Protection July 14, 2011
Bulletin 2011-21 The Practice of Boiling Produced Water as a Means of Disposal in the Upstream Petroleum Industry June 30, 2011
Bulletin 2011-20 Invitation for Feedback on Proposed Amendments to Development Entity and Self-Declared Commingling Processes June 29, 2011
Bulletin 2011-19 Amendments to the Oil Sands Conservation Regulation June 30, 2011
Bulletin 2011-18 Improvements in Well Location Data Management June 21, 2011
Bulletin 2011-17 Additional Electronic Application Submission Types June 09, 2011
Bulletin 2011-16 Mandatory Electronic Audit Submissions-Facilities Applications June 07, 2011
Bulletin 2011-15 2011 ERCB Administration Fees (Industry Levy) May 31, 2011
Bulletin 2011-14 ST-58 Oil and Gas Experimental Schemes Publication Discontinued May 26, 2011
Bulletin 2011-13 Coalbed Methane Control Well Zone Revisions April 18, 2011
Bulletin 2011-12 Revised Edition of Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations Issued April 18, 2011
Bulletin 2011-11 Invitation for Feedback on Draft Revision of Directive 050: Drilling Waste Management April 18, 2011
Bulletin 2011-10 Use of C-Rings for Storage Systems in the Upstream Petroleum Industry April 18, 2011
Bulletin 2011-09 Invitation for Feedback on Draft Revised Edition of Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements April 12, 2011
Bulletin 2011-08 Revised Edition of Directive 077: Pipelines-Requirements and Reference Tools March 21, 2011
Bulletin 2011-07 Directive 066: Requirements and Procedures for Pipelines Reissued March 09, 2011
Bulletin 2011-06 Report Evaluating the Battle Lake Watershed Development Planning Pilot Project Issued March 08, 2011
Bulletin 2011-04 Directive 057: Fencing and Site Access Requirements for Oil and Gas Facilities Rescinded February 23, 2011
Bulletin 2011-03 Electronic Application Submission (EAS) Phase III: Implementation, Rollout, and Training Sessions for Pipeline/Pipeline Installation Licence Applications and Directive 056: Energy Development Applications and Schedules, Section 6. February 17, 2011
Bulletin 2011-02 2011 Orphan Levy January 17, 2011
Bulletin 2011-01 Midnapore Field Centre Address Change January 05, 2011