ST100: Lists pipeline construction starts in the province. The current week's files are accessible in the first table below. As each report is released it supersedes the corresponding day from the previous week. Follow the links in the first table below to get to the seven most recent daily files. Previous issues can be accessed from the monthly tables that follow.

PLEASE NOTE: On March 29, 2018, the AER is launching a new online process for submitting various pipeline construction activities, including new line construction, liner installation, new line test, existing line test, and liner test. As a result of these notifications moving to OneStop, the formerly variable columns of ST100: Pipeline Construction and Notification Report will be fixed at 166 characters.

Disclaimer: The information released in this report is preliminary only and may be subject to change. NOTE: Saturday and Sunday reports are produced occasionally.

Current Week's Daily Files (updated nightly by 9:00 pm)

ST100 Compilation: List of all pipeline construction starts and list of tests since 2002. Updated daily. [11 mb CSV file format].