ADR Third-Party Mediators


ADR Third-Party Mediators

Here you will find information about independent or third-party mediators, not employed by the AER, who have expressed an interest in working with parties experiencing energy-related disputes.

Although the majority of landowner-industry disputes are mediated by AER staff mediators trained in mediation (see the ADR Contacts page), company-to-company disputes are sometimes mediated by independent, third-party mediators. Preliminary alternative dispute resolution (PADR) meetings between the affected parties are an important forum in which procedures are discussed, issues for resolution are identified, and a mutually acceptable course of action is determined.

Listing of Third-Party Mediators
This list provides a source of qualified and experienced mediators who have relevant training and experience in resolving disputes of the energy industry. Other qualified mediators can be found through the ADR Institute of Alberta.
Note: These lists do not certify competency or establish credentials.

Mediators and Credentials
Mediators must:

  • subscribe to a code of ethics or conduct of a relevant professional association or society,
  • have working knowledge of interest-based dispute resolution techniques and sufficient related training,
  • possess documented experience,
  • hold appropriate insurance coverage, and
  • have a willingness to travel and complete orientation programs.

Laurie Bailer, Peace Builder Mediation Services
Kerry Brown, Moving Forward, Inc.
Steve Critchley CD, Versatility Group
John F. Curran, Q.C.
Clint Docken, Q.C.
Andrew Fulton, Andrew Fulton and Associates
David Gould, LL.B, Q.C., C.Med, David Gould Mediation
David Hill, Hill ADR Services Ltd.
Sharon A. Huckell, BA LLB - Sharon Huckell Professional Corporation
James B. (Bev) Issacs, Sage Institute of Calgary Ltd.
Janice D. Kelner, Unexus Management Servces Inc.
Patrick (Rick) Lightning, Lightning Camp & Associates
Nancy Loraas, Nancy Loraas & Associates Inc.
Bob McBean, Q.C., Parlee McLaws LLP
Jim McCartney, McCartney ADR Inc.
David Noganosh, Red Wolf Mediation
Elaine Seifert, Elaine D. Seifert Professional Corporation
Gary Selby, Arangel Energy Corp
Sabri M. Shawa, Q.C., FCIArb, Jensen Shawa Solomon Duguid Hawkes LLP
Tom W. Smith, BLC Enterprises
Karen M. Trace
Robert Waldon, Bedford Consulting & Associates
Sharon Wilson, Resources International