Presentations to Industry


Presentations to Industry

This page comprises videos, PowerPoints, and other materials intended to educate industry stakeholders about and further explain AER regulatory processes, procedures, and agreements. These materials cover a wide range of topics—from well site safety, to drilling operations, to information on the Regulatory Enhancement Project.

Additional presentations and reference materials can also be found on the Educational Resources webpage.

Many of these presentations were made under the auspices of the ERCB. Though they have not been rebranded, the content is still applicable.

Compliance Assurance Program
This presentation outlines the AER’s approach to compliance and enforcement, the Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework, and Manual 013 – Compliance and Enforcement Program. AER Compliance and Enforcement Program (February 2016)
Directive 055: Storage Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry
This presentation outlines the AER requirements regarding the storage of materials produced, generated, or used on upstream petroleum sites. The document contains information on aboveground tanks, underground tanks, containers, temporary storage, double-walled tanks, bulk pad and lined earthen excavation storage, compacted clay liners, and surface water discharge. Directive 055 Presentation
(July 2012)
Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
This presentation provides an overview of the AER’s Enhanced Production Audit Program. Production Audit Enhanced Production Audit Program [PDF] (June 2016)
Ground Disturbance Requirements
The AER Ground Disturbance Guideline presentation includes the minimum requirements that must be met to conduct ground disturbance activities. Ground Disturbance Presentation (April 2014)

Safe excavation near pipelines brochure (August 2013)

Licensee Liability Rating (LLR)
The AER held an initial industry information session to help licensees understand the impacts of the 2015 LLR changes and discuss available options for managing their deemed liabilities.

Up-to-date information can be heard at the Industry Information Sessions on August 20th and 26th - registration is ongoing.

Questions regarding these sessions should be directed to

Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program Changes presentation [PDF] (June 2015)
Manual 001: Facility and Well Site Inspections
Manual 001 is a reference document for AER staff to ensure consistency in pursuing regulatory compliance. It became effective January 1, 2011.

Manual 001 cites existing AER requirements that inspectors regularly assess for licensee compliance and lists applicable noncompliance events and their associated risk ratings.
Manual 001 Field Operations Branch Presentation (July 2013)
Pipeline Operator Awareness Sessions
Drayton Valley session held on October 9, 2013 - Presentations/handouts from Operator Awareness Session How to Address Issues of Aging Infrastructure (November 2013)

Reducing Third Party Damage (November 2013)

Industry Environmental Scan (November 2013)

Pipelines Forum (November 2013)

Red Deer session held on February 14, 2013 - Presentations/handouts from Operator Awareness Session
Pipeline Workshop material (March 2013)
Pipeline Performance: Shaping the Next Era
On March 27, 2014 the AER hosted a full day Industry Education Session in Calgary on focusing on Improving Pipeline Performance in Alberta. The education session included AER regulatory presentations along with Industry sharing ways they have improved their own systems and what they have learned from their processes. AER Pipeline Performance – Paths to Improvement

AER Compliance and Enforcement

AER Pipeline Incident Response

Enbridge – Social License to Operate

PennWest – Cost of a Pipeline Failure

CEPA – Pipeline Performance – Raising the Bar

Encana – Spill Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Program

Pengrowth – Composite Pipeline Management

Release Reporting Requirements
The presentation on release reporting requirements outlines the AER’s expectations on release/spill containment, reporting, cleanup, and disposal. This document clarifies the reporting process, AER jurisdiction for various types of releases, and different methods for cleanup/disposal. Release Reporting Presentation (November 2014)