News Release 2012-12-19


News Release 2012-12-19

News Release 2012-12-19 (NR2012-14)

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ERCB improves public access to hydraulic fracturing fluid information coming soon to Alberta

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Calgary, Alberta (Dec 19, 2012)… Albertans will soon have online access to information on the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing operations through the FracFocus website (

The Energy Resources Conservation Board’s (ERCB) Directive 059: Well Drilling and Completion Data Filing Requirements has been updated to enhance reporting requirements for fluids used in hydraulic fracturing operations. These changes support the ERCB’s commitment to the open disclosure of fracture fluids and align with the Government of Alberta’s focus on improved transparency in support of responsible development.

The enhanced reporting requirements will be effective as of December 31, 2012, and will be mandatory for all hydraulic fracturing operations going forward. Albertans will begin to see increasing amounts of information on FracFocus by summer of 2013 as data from newly drilled and completed wells is reported under the new reporting rules.

As with all of its regulations, the ERCB will regularly review the directive to ensure it continues to meet its objectives. For a copy of Directive 059, visit has been implemented by the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission to facilitate the disclosure of hydraulic fracturing fluid information in Canadian jurisdictions. Adoption of the site supports Alberta’s participation in the New West Partnership. is based on, a site developed in the United States by the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and Groundwater Protection Council.

The ERCB is Alberta’s primary energy regulator. For almost 75 years, the ERCB has been committed to its mission: to ensure the discovery, development, and delivery of Alberta’s energy resources take place in a manner that is fair, responsible, and in the public interest. In assessing public interest, the ERCB has regard for public safety, environmental stewardship, and resource conservation.

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