AER in your community

The AER ensures the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of Alberta’s hydrocarbon resources over their entire life cycle.

Through the AER’s compliance assurance program, our employees help make sure companies comply with all requirements by conducting around 13 000 inspections annually on Alberta’s oil, natural gas, oil sands, coal, in situ and pipeline activities, exploration activities, in addition to public lands where energy resource activity occurs. AER staff also participate in hundreds of community meetings and discussions with stakeholders each year.

AER field staff live and work in communities across Alberta, from Medicine Hat in the south to High Level in the north and numerous centres in between. Working with technical experts from the AER’s head office in Calgary to serve all of Alberta, the members of our field staff know their neighbours, understand local issues, and can be counted on to respond to your concerns.

More about our approach to community and stakeholder relations can be found in the AER Stakeholder Engagement Framework. This is an internal guiding document that provides AER staff and stakeholders a standard for AER engagement by outlining the scope of engagement activities, as well as principles of engagement that AER staff will adhere to.

The AER Stakeholder Engagement Framework is a guiding document; it’s not a regulatory tool. The framework will change as the AER evolves and incorporates stakeholder feedback. The framework will be updated once the AER receives the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Program on Regulation’s final report on best-in-class regulation, which may include some best practices or recommendations on stakeholder engagement.